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Billera Law is a leading medical negligence and error law firm in South Florida (Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, etc.). We provide real assistance to our clients who have suffered as a result of unskilled actions of doctors on the territory of America. Medical law in the U.S. is one of the specialties that we have been practicing for more than 10 years and successfully winning the most complex cases in federal courts.


Uncommonly important and topical issues in the field of law and medicine are the issues of unqualified medical care or so-called “medical errors”. As a rule, the process from the sphere of medicine flows into the legal field in the case when the patient or his relatives are not satisfied with the medical care provided, gross mistakes have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.




Billera Law lawyers are experts in criminal cases related to the negligence of doctors.


A U.S. attorney for medical errors (medical attorney) will help you determine whether you are eligible for compensation in court.


It is even frightening to think that the smallest medical error can cause injury, death or disability. Miami news is filled with a lot of eccentric stories about medical instruments forgotten in the patient’s body during surgery on an adult or newborn child. Nevertheless, doctors make mistakes quite often. When these mistakes do not meet the accepted standards of qualified medical care to the local population, a law comes into force to punish esculapuses for negligence committed during the performance of official duties and for inflicting damage on the injured party represented by the patient.




Mistakes by doctors in America and medical negligence are common subjects in news programs. However, physicians, nurses, emergency room doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, and any other health care provider may be legally prosecuted for medical negligence. Legal persons such as hospitals, ambulance services, laboratories, clinics and other institutions working to provide health care to the public are also subject to medical liability in legal action.


In order to establish the fact of providing unskilled medical care to a patient, it is necessary to prove it:

Violation of legal liability when a physician fails to comply with the standard list of medical care established by the local medical community;

this violation of medical duties has become a direct cause of injury to the patient; and the patient has suffered actual harm.


Research shows that more than 33% of medical cases are based on errors in the diagnosis of various diseases. Almost 70% of medical errors occur in outpatient settings. There are also studies that show that there are many complaints about medical malpractice. In 2006, the Harvard School of Public Health published its findings in the medical journal New England Journa,l where it was claimed that 40% of these claims were not satisfied by court practice.




Medical requirements for abuse of authority are complicated by the complexity of gathering evidence to support the required evidence. Generally, lawyers and law firms specializing in medical cases of abuse of authority have accumulated longstanding experience. Court staff and lawyers oppose conclusions, such as those made by Harvard Study 2006, arguing that it is simply not practical to conduct such a complex and expensive type of statement of claim satisfaction without 100% confidence in the very beginning of a court case in its positive outcome. In other words, many lawyers believe that such legal cases are not worth their time and money, and therefore not profitable.


Highly qualified lawyers of our company are ready to consider cases of medical negligence in the United States at a high professional level. We have extensive experience in this area of legal services and accompany clients at all stages of the pre-trial and trial process.


We also provide full legal advice on medical law. Also in the sphere of services of lawyers of our company includes consideration of insurance cases, full compensation of physical and moral damage caused to health, recovery of compensation.


If you need high-quality, timely and, most importantly, inexpensive legal support from leading specialists who are perfectly oriented in the field of medical law, please contact Billera Law and you will never regret it!


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